It was premiere week, Part 1!

This week, all of the drama started back up in television…

Counting them down…

5. ‘America’s Next Top Model’: This season is all about the All-Stars. Previous season contestants were chosen to come back and do it all over again. Their prizes… a cover and spread in Vogue Italia, a 100,000 dollar campaign with Express, a 100,000 dollar contract with Covergirl Cosmetics, and a spread in Beauty in Vogue.

There was so much drama during panel with contestant Alexandria. Panel took place at LA Live! in Hollywood. She was almost sent home because people were booing her.

Take a look

4. ‘90210’: Season 4 of 90210 is probably going to be the most dramatic of them all. With Adriana being rejected by all of her friends, Naomi getting a new house but the boy living in it before throwing her under the bus for weed in the back yard, Annie might not get her money after all, Dixon not wanting to go to school, and Navid’s sister moving in with him and Silver….INTENSE.

Here’s the recap

3. ‘Ringer’: This was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to television since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and while playing two characters she didn’t do too bad. Actually, it was pretty interesting. A recovering addict escapes the FBI before a murder trial, and returns to her twin sister to start her life over, when here sister disappears.

Highly recommended. This show has a lot of potential!

2. ‘The Vampire Diaries’: First off, the best thing about this season is Ian Somerhalder is going to take over the whole show, and thank God because he adds so much more to the show. With Stefan on the run with Klaus being a real vampire, and Damon trying to get with Elena….this season is going to be crazy!!!

Team Damon and Elena!

1. ‘Entourage’ Series Finale: No one actually wanted this show to end, even celebrities were tweeting about how good it was!

Julian Swirsky tweeted: @IamJulkeyz ENTOURAGE OH MY GODDDDDDDD

I didn’t even start watching this show until this season, and I am in love…but now it is over. So what’s the latest news on the movies, because I can not wait until they come out. Who this Ari is going to take the job and end up leaving his wife anyway? I hope Sloan and Eric are getting back together. Hopefully the movie will show the wedding!!

This is what Mark Wahlberg had to say

Next week, Primetime television starts…look forward to ‘Mad Men’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and ‘Two and a Half Men’.


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