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Oct. 12-Oct. 17

This week, like every other week, has been filled with weddings, movies, trials, music, and in all seriousness, sad news.

The week in review.

5. The actress, Nikki Reed, has found herself getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Paul McDonald. The private ceremony was held in Malibu, Calif.

4. The new Footloose movie has debuted and here’s what the critics have to say about it; it wasn’t a “fall flop”, but it didn’t come in at No. 1. The movie grossed about $16.1 million over the weekend, falling behind Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel.

3. Michael Jackson murder trail: Dr. Conrad Murray is closer to conviction. During Thursday’s trail, Dr. Steven Shafer, an anesthesiologist, was put on the stand to testify against Murray.

Shafer, also an expert on propofol, stated for the first time that if Murray would have called 911 two hours earlier, when Jackson was injected with the drug, he would most likely still be alive.

This was a shock because it was the first time anyone had ever heard “Michael Jackson would still be alive”.

The trail has been put on hold due to a death in Shafer’s family.

4. Justin Bieber’s Christmas album is due to drop Nov. 1; but his first single off of the album dropped today, Oct. 17. “Mistletoe”, is Bieber’s first Christmas single.

1. Breast Cancer shock. Giuliana Rancic, E! News anchor, is in the first stages of breast cancer. The news was shocking to her and her family, as she stated in her interview with the Today Show.

Rancic was about to start her third round of IVF treatment. When her doctor told her she had to have a mammogram, she tried to refuse, but the one blessing out of it was they found the cancer in early stages.

This is sad news for many people who love Rancic; many have been supportive throughout her process of trying to get pregnant. She has been told she has to hold off on IVF until she has been treated and cured.

Until next week…

It’s October!

It’s time for the week in review.

5.Russell Brand is at it again with his mischievous ways. There were so many made up stories about Brand being denied into Canada, but according to E! Online, he never even left Los Angeles. His show in Canada was canceled due to flight travel. But he is the one that caused the drama in the first place, tweeting

“I can’t enter Canada. We must abolish the borders between our nations AND our minds.”

4. Another movie of the fall plops AGAIN! Anna Faris’ new movie What’s Your Number barely even made the top 10 this week, and only grossed 5.6 million it’s opening week. WOMP WOMP!

Other movies that have done horrible are 50/50, Dream house, and Dolphin Tale.  While others are actually doing well, like Brad Pitt’s Money Ball.

3. 60 Minutes will never be the same. Andy Rooney has his final sign off on the show after 33 years. Sunday, Oct. 2 was his last show, and his last essay. Many will miss him and his words of wisdom on Sunday nights.

2. Justin Beiber’s newest album will be released on Nov. 1. I can hear all of the screaming now. According to Perez Hilton, the singer will release a Christmas album with collaborations with Taylor Swift, Usher, Mariah Carey, and Boyz II Men.


1. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore could call it quits. Sara Leal, a 23-year-old reportedly has sex with the actor while he was married to wife, Demi Moore. According to many tabloids, Kutcher is trying to keep her hushed with half a million dollars, but everyone knows it’s going to take a lot more money to shut this girl up.

Also, CBS is reportedly unhappy their new actor already causing problems. They don’t need another actor making their show look bad.

Kutcher tweeted “Don’t believe the hype”, but their is speculation he was really just tweeting a song title and doing a advertisement.

So what’s really going on? We’ll find out soon enough.

…Until next week!