Feb. 13-19

Since last weeks tragedy, Hollywood has died a little.

The week in review.

5. Kim Kardasian was spotted having lunch with former boyfriend, Reggie Bush, in Los Angeles. Sister, Khloe, says she wouldn’t mind them getting back together during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. “I love Bush and the Tush.”

Hopefully they will get back together. He is probably the only person who can save her from destroying herself more than she already has.

4. One Tree Hill co-stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols spilt up. 

Well that’s a little awkward, considering they star in a show together. She has now dated two of her co-stars and married one of them.

3. Stephen Colbert canceled the recording his show The Colbert Report just before Wednesday’s taping. He canceled the show for the remainder of the week due to his mother being ill.

2. Chris Brown allegedly showed up to Rihanna’s birthday party on Wednesday and asked people to sign confidentiality agreements, according to TMZ.

Sources say the two were spotted being intimate with each other.

1. Whitney Houston has been laid to rest in her home state of New Jersey. Her funeral was invitation only, many celebrities such as Alicia Keys and co-star, Kevin Costner, who even spoke at the funeral were in attendance.

Bobbi Brown was there, but left shortly after his arrival because security asked him to move.


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