The Oscars

The Academy Awards is the most elite and prestigious of the awards, but sometimes not everything is so elegant.

Top Fashion Moments:

5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be Hollywood’s “it” couple, but that awful pose on the carpet has everyone talking. It was horrible.

4. Emma Stone: Looking amazing as always, and what she wore wasn’t quite vintage, but she did steal Nicole Kidman’s look from 2007. A little risky but she pulled it off. Nicole Kidman still did it better though.

3. Michelle Williams: She is so boring, but such a great actress! She finally got on the red carpet and saved the best for last, wearing a coral Louis Vuitton custom gown.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Tom Ford made such a big statement wearing a cape. Kelly Osbourne was freaking out over this. Everyone loved it. Best dressed nominee.

1. The best dressed goes to Jessica Chastain, wearing Alexander McQueen custom gown. The gold on the black is amazing. She was hardly wearing any make up and her hair looked flawless with her dress.

Top Oscar Moments:

5. Sasha Baron Cohen pulled a nice move while acting in his new character, the Dictator. Ryan Seacrest on the other hand might not have been so happy when he dumped pancake mix all over his Burberry tux.

4. Justin Bieber with Billy Crystal the 17-year-old was featured in the opening video to bring the “18-24” demographic to the Oscars.

3. Octavia Spencer winning “Best Supporting Actress” wasn’t a shock at all, but her speech was amazing. She was so humble and surprised by her win.

2. Jean Dujardin dropped an f-bomb after his speech for winning “Best Actor”, but it wasn’t really his fault. The French accent made it hard to understand, but we forgive him. After all, he loves our country.

1. The Artist hasn’t even been in the theater long but it won five academy awards, including best picture. The first silent movie to be nominated since 1929.


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