Giuliana and Bill

E! News anchor, Giuliana Rancic, and apprentice winner, Bill Rancic, are finally having a baby! After a rough journey, the couple has settled with gestational surrogacy, meaning their baby is 100 percent biological to them.

The Rancic’s have been trying to have a baby since early 2009. They have suffered a miscarriage after the first try at in vitro fertilization.

After Giuliana miscarried, they tried to do IVF again through a facility in Colo. During this time, the doctor said they would not continue with the treatment until she had a mammogram.

In Oct. 2011, Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer, and undergoes a double lumpectomy.

After her surgery, the Rancic’s announce on The Today Show that they are going to continue exploring their options on becoming parents, even though Giuliana is still going through treatment.

The couple announced this morning that they will be expecting their child in late summer. They do know the sex but they want to see how long they can keep it a secret.

Giuliana and Bill Find Out They are Having a Baby!


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