May 21-28

The week in review:

5. Metta World Peace is a great basketball player but he is not the brightest crayon in the box. Today he tweeted “Happy Labor Day.” No you idiot, it is Memorial Day. He has just offended all of America and probably added to his list of haters.

He did delete his tweet and correct himself, but seriously how dumb can you be?

4. Phillip Phillips wins American Idol! After his rendition of Michael Jackson, he should have won. His competition though was incredible. Jessica Sanchez, who sang “I Will Always Love You” took second place.

3. The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons came out on Wednesday. Although every one already knows he is gay because he always has his partner with him, he actually announced it after The New York Times published an article, which said he is gay.

2. Justin Bieber was allegedly in an altercation with a paparazzi. Justin and girlfriend, Selena, were walking in the commons of Calabasas, Calif., where he apparently hit a pap for taking pictures of them. Now he is wanted for questioning by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

1. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez reunite on stage in Las Vegas. After separating less than a year ago, the duo held hands on stage during their ¡Q’Viva! reality show. Even though they didn’t perform together, the crowd was excited to see the two on stage together.


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