Summer Movies!

I have seen so many movies since I got out of school it’s ridiculous! Plus, there are still so many more that I want to see!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Definitely a cute movie. I wouldn’t send guys to see it because it kind of makes girls almost want to have a baby because the acting is just so cute! Chace Crawford and Anna Kendrick play their rolls well. Definitely a different type of acting than they are both used to.

The Dictator: The only thing that I LOVED about this movie was that it was short. I can only handle so much of Sasha Baron Cohen. Yes, it was hilarious at parts, but it was almost predictable.

The Avengers: I have never been into movies like this, I like Batman, but I don’t really know anything about the superhero movies. But let me just tell you, this movie was awesome! I loved all of the action! I could have gone without seeing it in 3D, just because those glasses put me to sleep, but overall it was definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile.

Men in Black III: I love WIll Smith, I’ve seen a lot of his movies. I never saw MIB II and I haven’t seen MIB since I was like 7 years old, but I loved this movie! Will Smith was a hilarious as always, and there was even a little emotion at the end! Definitely go see this!

I don’t know about every one else, but I am so excited for Snow White and the Huntsman and Rock of Ages to come out. Adam Shankman is such a great director, I can’t wait to see how he creates Tom Cruise’s character!


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