Maroon for the Ledet Family


On Wednesday night, Southlake Carroll hosted a candle light vigil for the Ledet men.

In honor of the family, people are wearing maroon ribbons to show their support.

On Saturday, October 6, tragedy struck this beautiful family, losing their father, uncle and two brothers, Paul and Mason in a plane crash. They need all of the prayers they can get. Wear Maroon on Tuesday to show your support-as the Ledet family was traveling to Mississippi to see Texas A&M play Ole’ Miss.

Len Ledet was a dentist in Southlake, where he treated elderly patients. He also founded the Eta Upsilon chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity at Texas A&M.

Paul Ledet, 17, attended Souhtlake Carroll Senior High where he played lacrosse.

Mason Ledet, 13, was an 8th grader at Carroll Middle School.

The Ledet men are survived by two daughters, Lauren and Alyson, and wife/mother.