What is Happening to the World?

5. Jusitn Bieber and Selena Gomez officially announce their break-up. But did jealously play a role in their split? Most would say yes. They are both always working and away from each other. They are young and have plenty of time to find love.

4. Bloody Face is revealed on American Horror Story: The Asylum.

Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of AHS, tweeted on Wednesday right before this weeks episode premiered.

The turnout of the episode was definitely the most shocking of the season. When Dr. Thredson, Zachary Quintero, was revealed as Bloody Face-the mass murder in the season-the season has made a turn no one was ready for.

3. Carly Rose Sonenclar KILLED it on X-Factor. The 13-year-old sand “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion for Diva Week.

As stated before at the judge’s house, Will.I.Am said she is possessed, and after this performance Simon Cowell said there is no way she can be human. L.A. Reid believes they have found the winner of the X-Factor.

2. Jon Bon-Jovi’s daughter was arrested after a heroin drug overdose. Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was taken to the hospital after a friend in her dorm room at Hamilton College in Upstate New York called 911 reporting a drug overdose.

According to TMZ, after she was released, police arrested her for possession of heroin, marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia.

1. The Twilight Saga has come to an end. On Monday, the Twilight family came together to walk the red carpet one last time.

This is the first time Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson walked on the carpet together since their split, and are rumored to be back together.

The last three Twilight movies are in the top 10 for all-time midnight premieres.

The movie open Friday at 12 a.m.




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