How Not to Study for Finals

Normally I’m pretty good about studying for finals…but this semester killed me and I’m so over it.

1. Go through the Top 99 Women of 2013.

2. Read TFM articles about being on adderall and not studying for finals.

3. Watch Jenna Marbles videos.

4. Finish crafting Christmas gifts.

5. Wrap Christmas gifts.

6. Pack up your room for break.

7. Take a shower.

8. Clean the kitchen.

9. Watch X Factor and AHS.

10. Try to cram your retainer back in your mouth.

11. Write down every important event in your calendar.

12. Check your grades 1,000 times to see if your final project has been posted.

13. Organize the shoes you won’t be taking home for break.

14. Creep Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

15. Plan your wedding on Pinterest.

16. Look for jobs because C’s get degrees.

17. Delete pictures from your phone.

18. Shop on for over an hour.

19. Make a movie of you and your friend from more than 2 years ago.

20. Get on InDesign and start designing stuff.

21. Throw out all your old papers for the semester.

22. Iron your clothes.

23. Write a blog post about not studying.



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