The Upper East Side

“Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me, xoxo…Gossip Girl”

Every Monday night, this intro would be posted to Facebook and Twitter over and over again. It was the beginning of an era of rich girls, clothes and the Upper East Side.

Everything I know, I learned it from Gossip Girl. It started out as one of the most talked about books in middle school. We passed each other the books when one finished the previous one. We all talked about it and loved the lives these high school students lived. We all had someone to relate to.

Blair: the bulimic mean girl that everyone wanted to be like.
Serena: the gorgeous, tall, blonde model type.
Little J: the freshman designer who dates older guys.
Eric: the gay friend everyone one wants to have/hot older brothers Blair drunkenly hooks up with (book version).
Dan Humphrey: the artsy outsider.
Nate Archibald: the hot, quiet, athletic one.
and then there’s Chuck Bass: the arrogant, rich, douche bag everyone hates.

When the show came out, it was all the rave. Every high schooler was talking about it. We watched it every week, constantly talking about the places they go, the clothes they wear and of course the guys they date.

As the show goes on, the characters grow, and we grow with them. The evolution of the characters and GG was ended too soon. It was a constant war between Chuck and Blair, Dan and Serena, Blair and Jenny, Chuck and Bart. The scheming taught every single one of us how to use our abilities for power. It was all about who was better than the other.

My 6 years of Gossip Girl experience changed everything:

The Upper East Side/Brooklyn
The 3 B’s: Bendel’s, Barney’s and Bergdorf’s.
The Lion
The Palace Hotel
The Empire
The Ivies: Yale, Dartmoth, Brown, Harvard and Columbia
Bow ties, ascots and THE scarf
Audrey and Tiffany’s
School uniforms
Private education
Fashion: Oscar, Marchesa, Hugo, Stella and of course THE headbands

It gives people a sense of what being and Upper East Sider and the life of a socialite is like. The familiarity with the show meant you knew all of the designers and places to be. Our life soon became about who had the best of the best. We wanted Louboutin’s and Louis Vuitton, and we would stop until we got them. We wanted our parties to be as awesome as theirs.

Serena’s late nights and early mornings became a part of our lifestyle. The show made it socially acceptable to do the things that she did. It was daring and scandalous. Life became all about scandal, games, scheming and brunch.

Every girl in America dreamt of living the life they live and with the countless amount of money.

The ending of the show is the start to an era, where girls will have to learn to live up to the Gossip Girl legacy.


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