The Bachelor Recap: Week 2

It’s not shock that the first date of the season started out with jumping off of something-that always happens.

Sean picks Sarah up from the mansion in a helicopter, they fly to a building where they will be jumping off. They jump, she screams-the end.

After, they go on their evening portion of the date where they have drinks and she tells a story about how she wasn’t able to zip-line in Vegas because she has a disability. Sean gives her the rose.

On the group date, Sean takes the women to do a photoshoot for the Harlequin Romance novels. The winner of the competition, Kristy, takes full control of her shoot with Sean and all the other women get super jealous of her; maybe modeling helped her a little bit.

Tierra is standoffish with the women and really doesn’t want to talk to any of them. Katie leaves the show. Lesley despises to go after an awkward kiss with Sean after an awkward conversation. Kacie gets the rose after being taken out of the friend zone.

On the second one-on-one date, Sean pranks Desiree at an art gallery and takes her back to his house to have dinner and get in the hot tub. She also receives a rose.

During the cocktail party, Robyn asks Sean how he feels about race; Lindsey shows a different side of herself, beside the crazy bride; and the women get upset about how weird Amanda is. She ignored everyone and then when Sean came around she was super bubbly.

Two women were cut this week at the rose ceremony, Brooke and Diana.


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