The Maxi Dress


The good thing about a maxi dress? EVERYTHING! The most functional fabulous piece of clothing ever.

For someone who wakes up at 5 a.m. every day, puts jeans on in the dark and runs out the door…yeah I absolutely love a good maxi. It’s the greatest creation. It’s super functional. Whether you’re on a photo shoot or taking care of kids, this is a great way to look dressed up while still being able to bend over without your butt hanging out, play with your kids at the park or even just going to lunch but being too lazy to throw an entire outfit together.

It’s lazy fab. And thanks to Rachel Zoe for completely starting this trend. She might not have been the first to design one but she was definitely the one to take this style to a whole new level. She has shown how functional it is by running around with her son, at photo shoots and running errands.

Hats off to Rachel for starting this because I would literally die without them.

You can dress it up with a chunky necklace and a cute wedge if you have a few inches to spare or just a cute strapy sandal if you’re tall. If I could wear one every single day, I would.