Keep Looking Up

In January, I started interning at KKITM, a place that many people want to be-and I had the chance to do so. Something about this place that is so awesome, is the environment you’re working in. Sometimes it’s hectic, and sometimes it’s the greatest place to be, but most of all it was the BEST job I have ever had.


You see, when I first started working there, I was so nervous that I would just be “the intern”, but I wasn’t. Kidd made sure he knew all of his interns. Between the three  interns, we all grew very fond of the man we were working for. He was always upbeat and so nice to all of us. I sat in the back of the office where I did graphic work for KiddNation, and every time Kidd would come to the back we ALWAYS had a conversation. No matter how much time there was, he always made sure to just say a little something to us. He cared about everyone in his office.

He was an excellent cook! He would always bring his leftovers in and would share with whoever wanted it. And it was always fantastic. He loved chicken salad sandwiches (white bread, no tomato) before 8 a.m. How someone could eat that in the morning, I have no idea, but those trips to the deli were always a great time for the interns.

I grew up listening to the show and will never forget all of the great things he did. He cared so much about Kidd’s Kids and his job. Every time I hear “Sweet Caroline” I always think of the story of that being his favorite song with his daughter. I will always remember the time I was on my way to the studio and rear ended an FBI car because I was laughing so hard coffee came out my nose. From deli runs to pretending to be our dad, I will always remember the impact he had on my life and many others’.

“Keep looking up, cause that’s where it all it.”

R.I.P Kidd Kraddick <3