Keep Looking Up

In January, I started interning at KKITM, a place that many people want to be-and I had the chance to do so. Something about this place that is so awesome, is the environment you’re working in. Sometimes it’s hectic, and sometimes it’s the greatest place to be, but most of all it was the BEST job I have ever had.


You see, when I first started working there, I was so nervous that I would just be “the intern”, but I wasn’t. Kidd made sure he knew all of his interns. Between the three  interns, we all grew very fond of the man we were working for. He was always upbeat and so nice to all of us. I sat in the back of the office where I did graphic work for KiddNation, and every time Kidd would come to the back we ALWAYS had a conversation. No matter how much time there was, he always made sure to just say a little something to us. He cared about everyone in his office.

He was an excellent cook! He would always bring his leftovers in and would share with whoever wanted it. And it was always fantastic. He loved chicken salad sandwiches (white bread, no tomato) before 8 a.m. How someone could eat that in the morning, I have no idea, but those trips to the deli were always a great time for the interns.

I grew up listening to the show and will never forget all of the great things he did. He cared so much about Kidd’s Kids and his job. Every time I hear “Sweet Caroline” I always think of the story of that being his favorite song with his daughter. I will always remember the time I was on my way to the studio and rear ended an FBI car because I was laughing so hard coffee came out my nose. From deli runs to pretending to be our dad, I will always remember the impact he had on my life and many others’.

“Keep looking up, cause that’s where it all it.”

R.I.P Kidd Kraddick <3

The Mumford Experience


Last night I saw the best show put on…probably ever. The vibe of the whole place was amazing. At one point it was silent…completely silent, as the band played their next song on one mic.

Normally at concerts I’m so ready to jam, but in this case, it was so much more than that. It was something spiritual and you could feel the ora of everyone around you.

I hardly know anything about this band, except maybe a few songs, but in that moment I had never felt more alive.

Not one time did they stop to talk, but instead continued to play. The strands of lights would flash on and the whole place would light up. It was incredibly intimate.

At one point, I looked up, and thought about all of the bad things going on in my life and said to myself, there is nothing better than living in the moment. And that moment was so real.

The Maxi Dress


The good thing about a maxi dress? EVERYTHING! The most functional fabulous piece of clothing ever.

For someone who wakes up at 5 a.m. every day, puts jeans on in the dark and runs out the door…yeah I absolutely love a good maxi. It’s the greatest creation. It’s super functional. Whether you’re on a photo shoot or taking care of kids, this is a great way to look dressed up while still being able to bend over without your butt hanging out, play with your kids at the park or even just going to lunch but being too lazy to throw an entire outfit together.

It’s lazy fab. And thanks to Rachel Zoe for completely starting this trend. She might not have been the first to design one but she was definitely the one to take this style to a whole new level. She has shown how functional it is by running around with her son, at photo shoots and running errands.

Hats off to Rachel for starting this because I would literally die without them.

You can dress it up with a chunky necklace and a cute wedge if you have a few inches to spare or just a cute strapy sandal if you’re tall. If I could wear one every single day, I would.

Kelly Clarkson Got Drunk at the GRAMMYs!!

Well down here in Texas we like do it better than everyone, and Kelly Clarkson was falling asleep last night at the Grammys so she got drunk just in case she won…and had to give an acceptance speech. It started out with something like”Y’all….” Great job Kelly! I stopped falling asleep!

Attachment-1Justin Timberlake spiced up the performances with a hot hot hot sepia toned version of Suit and Tie and some new single. Rihanna was looking VAVAVoom in her performance gown singing her new song with Mikky Ekko, and Miranda Lambert sang Over You and Home with Dirks Bently-atleast he’s fun to look at.


FUN. won best new artist and song of the year; Gotye and Kimbra walked away with Record of the Year for Somebody that I Used to Know and Mumford and Sons won Album of the Year for Babel. frankchrisKanye West and Jay-Z took home the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for No Church in the Wild ft. Frank Ocean and The-Dream (who was sporting a parental advisory/explicit content “cap”-that was confusing). Speaking of Frank Ocean, did you see Chris Brown stay seated when he won Best Urban Contemporary Album? Adele took home Best Pop Solo Performance, and Carrie Underwood Best Country Solo Performance.

We didn’t see Kanye there, which was really upsetting, everyone across the country was waiting for him to interrupt T Swift. J Biebs wasn’t there either. Instead he was posting pictures about how he has “never been so frustrated”…he might be a little bitter.

The Final Breakdown-Bachelor Edition

I did it. I finally did it. I looked on Reality Steve to see who wins The Bachelor. At work this morning, during The Bachelor Talk, everyone was talking about who was going to win, and I have to side with Kellie-I’m totally pulling for Leslie M. But now that I’ve freaking read the spoilers I know who wins, and it might be her…but the way it all pans out is completely shocking. Let’s just say the girl he ends up with, may or may not be pretty, smart, and tannish…okay that eliminates the selection down to two women.

Good luck trying to figure it out. Now I don’t have to watch it and I can just get the recap from Kellie at work.

Vampire Diaries: The Next Hunter…and a Lil Biebz

So last night I had the strangest dream that I was the new vampire hunter after Jeremy was somehow killed off. How that happened, I’m not really sure. All I remember was running through Home Depot with my shotgun (that I don’t actually own) killing off all of these vampires while my mark grew larger. If you haven’t seen last weeks episode of VD, you should probably just stop reading this now.

This week is going to be amaze balls when we find out what happens next with Jeremy now that he’s killed Kole. Is Klaus going to get so mad that he kills Jeremy, and I become the next vampire hunter? Well I guess we won’t find out until Thursday since my dad woke me up in the middle of my dream. THANKS DAD!

Lil Biebz needs to stop hanging out with Lil Twist and Lil Za…and any other lils out there. The teen pop sensation is throwing everything he’s worked for into the ground. Come on Biebs, don’t be the next Lindsay Lohan. (Not that I’m comparing the two, because Biebs actually has talent) but the point being, it breaks my heart to see one of my favorite artists crashing. I’m team Selena all the way, but get it together kid. We all have our break-ups and it’s just a part of life. Get you sh*t together.


Last night, Warner Brothers have the green light on Mark Wahlberg’s Entourage film!

According to it will be the Same directors and same cast. There will be cameos from famous celebrities and hopefully the president will appear in the movie.

The Upper East Side

“Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me, xoxo…Gossip Girl”

Every Monday night, this intro would be posted to Facebook and Twitter over and over again. It was the beginning of an era of rich girls, clothes and the Upper East Side.

Everything I know, I learned it from Gossip Girl. It started out as one of the most talked about books in middle school. We passed each other the books when one finished the previous one. We all talked about it and loved the lives these high school students lived. We all had someone to relate to.

Blair: the bulimic mean girl that everyone wanted to be like.
Serena: the gorgeous, tall, blonde model type.
Little J: the freshman designer who dates older guys.
Eric: the gay friend everyone one wants to have/hot older brothers Blair drunkenly hooks up with (book version).
Dan Humphrey: the artsy outsider.
Nate Archibald: the hot, quiet, athletic one.
and then there’s Chuck Bass: the arrogant, rich, douche bag everyone hates.

When the show came out, it was all the rave. Every high schooler was talking about it. We watched it every week, constantly talking about the places they go, the clothes they wear and of course the guys they date.

As the show goes on, the characters grow, and we grow with them. The evolution of the characters and GG was ended too soon. It was a constant war between Chuck and Blair, Dan and Serena, Blair and Jenny, Chuck and Bart. The scheming taught every single one of us how to use our abilities for power. It was all about who was better than the other.

My 6 years of Gossip Girl experience changed everything:

The Upper East Side/Brooklyn
The 3 B’s: Bendel’s, Barney’s and Bergdorf’s.
The Lion
The Palace Hotel
The Empire
The Ivies: Yale, Dartmoth, Brown, Harvard and Columbia
Bow ties, ascots and THE scarf
Audrey and Tiffany’s
School uniforms
Private education
Fashion: Oscar, Marchesa, Hugo, Stella and of course THE headbands

It gives people a sense of what being and Upper East Sider and the life of a socialite is like. The familiarity with the show meant you knew all of the designers and places to be. Our life soon became about who had the best of the best. We wanted Louboutin’s and Louis Vuitton, and we would stop until we got them. We wanted our parties to be as awesome as theirs.

Serena’s late nights and early mornings became a part of our lifestyle. The show made it socially acceptable to do the things that she did. It was daring and scandalous. Life became all about scandal, games, scheming and brunch.

Every girl in America dreamt of living the life they live and with the countless amount of money.

The ending of the show is the start to an era, where girls will have to learn to live up to the Gossip Girl legacy.